1944 Omega WWW Broad Arrow

    1944 Omega WWW Broad Arrow 1944 Omega WWW Broad Arrow 1944 Omega WWW Broad Arrow 1944 Omega WWW Broad Arrow 1944 Omega WWW Broad Arrow
  • 1944 Omega WWW Broad Arrow
  • 1944 Omega WWW Broad Arrow
  • 1944 Omega WWW Broad Arrow
  • 1944 Omega WWW Broad Arrow
  • 1944 Omega WWW Broad Arrow

1944 Omega WWW Broad Arrow

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Few watch companies have managed to build themselves a name that is known the world over, to almost everyone. Actually only two have, Rolex and Omega. Established in 1848, Omega is one of the biggest boys of the Swiss watchmaking industry and of the Swiss economy. You see, Omega is much more then a watchmaker, it is a universal brand associated not only with movements or other horological stuff but also with much bigger concepts such as Swiss social movements, the Olympic games, James bond or even farther, space exploration: the greatest human adventure yet. Part of what made Omega as well known as it is today is their iconic model, the Speedmaster, happily picked by NASA to equip their astronauts. The legend was born, still told over and over again today, the first watch on the moon. But Omega is much more than the Speedmaster or the official Olympic chronometer, it is an incredible and almost infinite collection of watches, from sporty chronographs to elegant chronographs to tool watches to dive watches to dress watches to crazy watches, and on and on. If one day someone were to tell you that they know each and everyone of the Omega references, don’t buy it.

Omega also produced military watches and this watch was made for the British Army during WWII, it is part of what is called : the dirty dozen (twelve models ordered and equipped by the british army during WWII). It is a military watch and you can feel it, the case is rugged, thick, the dial is efficient and with full lume plots is easy to read at anytime in any situations. These watches were not made to look the part, soldiers really fought with them. They are a part of history. And Beautiful. And Cool.

The specs

  • Year: Circa 1944
  • Maker: Omega
  • Model: N/A
  • Reference: N/A
  • Movement: Manual Winding - Omega 30T2
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter w/o crown: 35 mm
  • Lug width: 18mm
  • Band: Leather NATO
  • Glass: Plexiglas
  • Signatures: 3

The condition

Dial : Dial is in mint condition.

Case : The case is in superb condition.

Movement : Movement is in superb condition.

Overall : The watch is in superb condition.

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Certificate of

We hereby certify that this watch is original to the best of our knowledge. That, to the exception of the glass, the band and/or unless stated otherwise, each of its parts are original and used the way they were intended to as it left the factory.

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